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Daytime TV is far more diverse when it comes to talk show genres and the hosts who guide them.Yet, it seems like every program, from "The Steve Harvey Show" to "Ellen De Generes" to "The Doctors" and "Dr. You would think this topic would be reserved for the Food Network and, at least, "Rachael Ray." Nope.For the most part, talk show hosts in both late night and daytime will adhere to the latter. Monologues, mid-way skits, and general chatter are filled with political barbs, opinions, and hyperbole.You can’t turn on the TV without one side or the other giving their perfect opinion or a late night talk show host poking fun at the hypocrisy.

Adult Swim Brain Trust was released as a special feature on the Squidbillies Volume One DVD on October 16, 2007.The special ends with the set in ruins and Early shooting the talking head of Space Ghost off of Meatwad, while a bear eats Sharko's dead body in the background.Showtime is an American premium cable and satellite television network.The special is also available on Adult Swim's You Tube channel.Adult Swim Brain Trust features Space Ghost of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet hosting a focus group discussion about the unofficial pilot of Squidbillies with Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Early Cuyler from Squidbillies, and Sharko from Sealab 2021.

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It is often considered the very last episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast since it follows the same format as the show, with Space Ghost interviewing guests.

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