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The story goes like this: Seems Jesse Lacey, the Raymond Carverloving front man and songwriter for Brand New, who once played bass in Taking Back Sunday, was best friends with John Nolan, TBS’s former guitarist and songwriter.

Except then, supposedly, they went to this party and Nolan slept with (or maybe just kissed) Lacey’s girlfriend. Reyes suggested that if area code 516 was big enough for both bands, the country was, too.

Once a Long Island rocker, always a Long Island rocker, says Peppi, 60, a year past triple-bypass surgery. Peppi’s sons, guitarist Gene and drummer Stefan, are now Rats. Happy The Beer Guy, a stein-holding puppet programmed to intone Peppi’s trenchant World Party Anthem: Let’s have another beer / Life sucks / So hear our cheer.

His head shaved, his chest still barrelly, Peppi can be found most Friday nights carrying his own equipment into joints like Rock-A-Fella’s in East Northport to play with his band, the Good Rats, before about 25 people, many so drunk and immobile as to look like what the comics used to call an oil painting. Back in the mid-seventies, playing straight-ahead hard rock with a tasty pre-Springsteen drive, Peppi’s wild metal crooning out front, the Rats were the undisputed champs of the Island. After an estimated 8,000 gigs, the band still plays every week. Whatever happens, says Peppi, who pronounced TBS’s Where You Want to Be good Island music, the thing is to keep playing. Tonight is another kids’ show at the Downtown, and the line of 16-year-olds is down the block by .

The band is excited to have him and look forward to Spencer and John trading lead and backing vocals at the upcoming shows.

First up will be the Free FIT Homecoming show this Friday in Spencer’s home state of Florida. It is unknown when Adam will return to the tour, but he is so thankful to Spencer and whole-heartedly thanks everyone for all of the support and kind words the family has received.” And an Instagram post of Lazzara's newborn in the hospital, from yesterday: Here's a list of Taking Back Sunday's remaining tour dates: Oct 25 – FIT Homecoming 2013 / Downtown – Melbourne, FL Oct 26 – Marathon Music Works – Nashville, TN ^# Oct 27 – Iron City – Birmingham, AL ^# Oct 29 – White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX ^# Oct 30 – Cain's Ballroom – Tulsa, OK ^# Oct 31 – The Pageant – St.

Sometimes people will put online, “Oh my God, my 18-year-old self would be freaking out right now.” It’s like, “Yeah, you’re a different version of that person, but you’re speaking of yourself in the third person.” A person saying that, “Oh my whatever-age self would be freaking out,” to me that could very well be like, “I’m freaking out because of this song and how it made me feel.” Yeah, because you’re still the same person. Going back, I just think it’s troublesome when folks are looking to just relive this one specific thing when there’s so much more to it.Spencer Chamberlain, a long-time friend of Adam, has willingly stepped up to fill in and give the new father more time to stay in the hospital with his family.Spencer was the frontman of Underoath for 10 years and is currently working on a new project called Sleepwave.Spencer Chamberlain, former vocalist of Underoath, has been tapped to fill in for as long as necessary.Chamberlain recently announced a new project, Sleep Wave, following Underoath's split earlier this year.

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