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You should take a ferry from Shenzhen to Macau in order to be eligible for 144 hour visa free transit.There is no train connection since there is no train within Macau.Shanghai 15-day Visa-Free Policy for Cruise Tour Groups If I want to fly to Shanghai and apply for the 144hr transit free visa but the flight has only a short 2-3hr transit in Beijing on the way does that count as a non-direct flight and hence not eligible? Also, your flights from your Korean round trip should not have any additional landing within mainland China.

I'll need to transfer in Xiamen to Taipei twice - going to Taipei and coming back to Vancouver. Chen, both of your itineraries are eligible for 24/144 (depending on time you will spend in Xiamen) visa free transit and you will not encounter any problems because you don't need any kind of visa.B refers to only one of the following areas in China, and you cannot have a cross-area visa-free tour among them:1. See more about 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei Dalian: Zhoushuizi International Airport Shenyang: Taoxian International Airport Passengers are allowed to enter and exit from either of the two ports and move around the whole province. Shanghai: All international air, sea and railway ports, including Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, Wusong Passenger Transport Center and all railway stations.That is to say, the allowed time to stay is actually longer than 144 hours.Eg: If one arrives at am on July 1, the layover time counts from of July 2 and the passenger should hold a ticket with the scheduled departure time before of July 7.

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