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How it works Among the various types of dating websites that operate on the web, nearly all the scamming websites use what they call a “pay-per-letter,” or PPL scheme.The PPL scheme consists of charging customers for each message they send or receive, as well as per minute of video chat, if that option is available.Inadequate laws While Ukraine aspires one day to join the European Union, the country’s IT legislation is a long way from matching EU Directive 2011/83 on consumer rights, which regulates the provision on online services.According to Oleksiy Stolyarenko – a Ukrainian lawyer who specializes in IT law – most IT companies in Ukraine are outsourcers –providing services to foreign companies by building a software product that is sold in their clients’ own countries. Completely free online dating service for Ukrainian singles meet at Russian Dating Ukrainian has many single people just like you seeking for a date, friendship and relationship.But even though both laws are supposed to protect consumer rights, Stolyarenko says that authorities are not enforcing them.

Election year The laws passed in 20 marked the start of e-commerce regulation in the country.All the same, the Ukrainian parliament has passed two important pieces of IT legislation in the past few years.The first “On Electronic Commerce” in 2015, and the second “On Electronic Trust Services” in 2017.It was clearly explained to our journalist back then that the job involved posing as a female user of the dating site and encouraging male users online to buy memberships – the investigation was a success.Now, even though Cupid plc is not active anymore thanks to the joint investigation by the BBC and Kyiv Post, these types of scams run from Ukraine have never been cracked down on by authorities here.

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