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Their social networks and Instant Messengers seem to be all geared in the direction of QQ.In the past they have run other networks like Pengyou and Xaioyou.Originally created solely for Chinese users, QQ is now popular worldwide.We Chat is an instant messenger app much like FB Messenger or Whats App – created by Tencent in China.The key to Snapchat is that people take a picture (called a “Snap”) and then write on top of the message to convey how they are feeling An important features is that the messages are deleted after you look at them.However, you can screenshot a “snap” if you want to save it for later.

There is a best friends feature that is updated depending on who you speak to most.

The idea is that you capture moments from your life and turn the images into an artwork.

Instagram has a great deal of filters that you can apply to your image, or you can take a quick “boomerang” video.

QZone is another Chinese social network owned by Tencent.

The website is written in Madarin (Chinese) and specifically designed for Chinese speaking smart phone users.

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