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There are problems with "%e" - Function strftime() use the locales installed in your system (linux).

Under windows if you are using Japanese version, you must use the following code:setlocale(LC_ALL, "Japanese_Japan.20932") for EUCsetlocale(LC_ALL, "Japanese_Japan.932") for SJISI found the following page that helped me with this issue:

d=8329 (in addition to Andy's post) To get a RFC 2822 date (used in RSS) of the current local time : echo strftime ("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z") ; Note: option %z / %Z - work different on Windows platform, for example output of this code line can be: Thu, Jerusalem Standard Time (on Windows) Thu, 0200 (on Linux) [red.

It is much smarter to use date(DATE_RSS); here] strftime() will get local time using timezone setting from date_default_timezone_set, then send format and converted tm structure to strftime() system call.

Here is a function that should work to get the week number of a day (timestamped), according to ISO 8601."should work" as in "it is working with my understanding of this norm", where 1st of january can be week 52, 53 or 01.

Hopefully.testing (php_uname("s") == "Windows NT") or equivalent can be an option (when switching between Wampserver and a GNU server, for instance).

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